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Silverware in reach as Sydney Convicts A and B teams reach finals

Silverware in reach as Sydney Convicts A and B teams reach finals

Iain Shepherd (He/Him)25 May - 16:24
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Convicts secure their place in Rome at the 2024 Bingham Cup

As the sun sets over Rome on day three of the 2024 Bingham Cup, the Convicts go to bed with the dream of taking home a Bingham Cup title within reach.

Success rests with achieving wins for Convicts A against Les Galliards 1 from France for title of winners of the 2024 Bingham Cup. For the Convicts B a win against World Barbarians is needed for the team captain to make space in their luggage for the Hoagland Vase.

It's been a grueling three days with five games being played by the A's, and four by the B's. Thankfully Rome's weather gods have been kind delivering generally dry and pleasant conditions with an average temperature of around 22-24 degrees. The pasta, pizza and gelato has been plentiful with the the team making the most of our team meals.

With two full Convicts teams playing, we're also thrilled to have players waving our flag as part of the Oceanic Wanderers - bringing a barbarian team together from our region in Asia Pacific.

Whilst we're in it, to win it - whatever happens we owe a huge gratitude to our local hosts Libera Rugby Club Roma who have put in a staggering amount of work to host the biggest yet tournament with 140 teams, all fighting it out on the field in the spirit of gay and inclusive rugby.

You can watch the finals live thanks to The Rugby Network - just find the Bingham Cup on their website and be sure to cheer us on, or follow all our results and scores on the Convicts website.

Let's Go Convicts!

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